Vinyl Lettering for your Sign Direct to you - Vinyl Self Adhesive Letters and Graphics for use on DIY Signs or Banners, for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Shop Windows, Advertising Boards and general purpose business or home domestic signs supplied direct to you.

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Computer Cut - Self Adhesive - Vinyl Signs
Lettering & Graphics For DIY Signs


When you order or ask for a quote, please advise

  • The height of the sign or text or the height of the space the sign and text must fit
  • The length if you have a fixed space length for the sign
  • The font you require if you have a preference
  • The text or information you require
  • Any preferences you may have or require for the sign
  • The colour or colours you require
  • Is the sign for use on the inside of a window (reverse or mirror cut) or for an outside surface.

Vinyl Sign Lteering make clear the total height of the text from the top of the letters to the bottom of any lower case letters with tails "g j p q y". For example a "S" that is 50mm in height followed by a "g" as in Sign would make the total height or the text 65mm.

If you want the Upper Case or Capital letters to be a particular height please make it clear that the height you have given is for those letters as in the top example, otherwise the height will be taken to be as in the bottom example where the height of Sign is 50mm including the tale of the g

Text and Letter heights can be to the height you require. When you work out the height of the text you require, if it has to fit a particular space or size you need to allow for the effect of the tails on the letters "g j p q y". It is generally better to tell me the total height of the space you require for the text to fit from the top of the tallest letter to the bottom of the tail of any letters with tails "g j p q y" if you have lower case letters


Different fonts have different lengths as shown in the text below. Normal and Bold as well as the use of Lower and Upper Case text affects the length and amount of material required to make a sign. Because of this it is better to supply the size of the space that the text must fit rather than the text height or length

All the lines of text in the image example on the right are the same height

Different Fonts have Different Text lengths

Should you wish to ask a question, request a quote or place an order please email with your lettering or sign requirements to or by phoning or faxing to +44 1908 371 494
  DIY Vinyl Lettering and Signs direct to you offers a versatile option for ordering your Vinyl Text, Graphics and Signs
  Property For Sale and To Let Boards offer effective advertising for Property Owners without incurring Estate Agent Fees
  Wheel Cover Signs are a free and affective way of advertising for your business while you drive
  Vinyl signs on cars and vans advertise your business, products and services while keeping your corporate image in the public eye
  Magnetic Car and Vehicle signs are an effective way to advertise with signs that can be used and removed as and when required
  Computer cut self adhesive Vinyl lettering, text and signs supplied with easy to follow instructions for DIY application
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