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Whether you have a large business with several outlets, a small local outlet or van, the sign you use to showcase your business is an important part of your business or corporate image.

A business sign is effectively a piece of advertising, not only does the sign let people know the location of your business but also should give an indication of the type of business you have. Therefore there are some things you need to remember before going to the expense of a business sign to ensure that your sign is successful and effective.

You need to consider where to position your sign. You sign can go on rooftops, walls, windows and awnings or even as stand alone sign beside buildings. You need to make a note of any obstructions there may be such as trees or road signs that could be detrimental to the visibility, positioning and effectiveness of your sign.

Once you have an idea of where it will go you need to make sure your sign is big enough to be easily read. Consider where your sign is, how far away people will be when they see it, and will they be moving. How long people have to read your sign when moving governs how much information can be used and how effective your sign will be.

Most importantly, don’t forget that your business sign is s form of communication and projects your image. You need to make sure the message you want to send gets across. So keep it short with a strong identity and make sure it can be seen by day and night because you want your business to be noticed whether or not you are open.

If you examine the signs of the large businesses and corporations they are distinctive and easily read and recognised. Avoid the temptation of complex and difficult to read signage.

If you think about these things beforehand you’re likely to maximise the success of your sign. We will offer advice and design services for your sign if required.

Should you wish to place an order please email with your sign requirements to or by phoning or faxing to +44 1908 371 494
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